Past Shows

We are gradually building a gallery of image from past shows. You can see these images by selecting a show from the “Past Shows” menu at the top of the page or selecting link from list below. Keep coming back to see what we have added!

Wads Productions

December 1970 A Christmas Carol
Spring 1971 When We Are Married
November 1971 On Monday Next
Spring 1972 Dial M for Murder
November 1972 An Air for Murder
Spring 1973 Sailor Beware
October 1973 Three One-Act Plays
December 1973 Another Christmas Cracker
Spring 1974 Breath of Spring
December 1974 Old Time Music Hall
Spring 1975 Gaslight
December 1975 Three One-Act Plays
Spring 1976 Spring and Port Wine
December 1976 Old Time Music Hall
Spring 1977 Goodnight Mrs Puffin
December 1977 Aladdin
Spring 1978 Fool’s Paradise
December 1978 One-Act Plays
Spring 1979 A Bit Between the Teeth
December 1979 Old Time Music Hall
Spring 1980 Post Horn Gallop
December 1980 A Christmas Carol
Spring 1981 Caught on the Hop
December 1981 Sing a Song of Sixpence
Spring 1982 Move Over Mrs Markham
December 1982 Old Time Music Hall
Spring 1983 Off the Hook
September 1983 Junior Wads Plays
December 1983 Hickory Dickory Dock
Spring 1984 Any Number Can Die
December 1984 Under Milk Would Have Been a Better Name
Spring 1985 The Selfish Giant, The Rose and Crown
December 1985 Old Time Music Hall
Spring 1986 Tomb With a View
December 1986 Cinderella
Spring 1987 Separate Tables
December 1987 Toad of Toad Hall
Spring 1988 Outside Edge
December 1988 Old Time Music Hall
Spring 1989 Not Now Darling
December 1989 The Wizard of Oz
Spring 1990 There Goes the Bride
December 1990 Underneath the Arches
Spring 1991 Farndale Avenue Murder Mystery
December 1991 Humpy Dumpty
Spring 1992 Wanted One Body
December 1992 A Christmas Carol
Spring 1993 Big Bad Mouse
December 1993 Listen to the Wind
Spring 1994 Farndale Avenue Macbeth
December 1994 The Happiest Days of Your Life
Spring 1995 The Railway Children
December 1995 Oh! What a Lovely War
Spring 1996 Two into One
December 1996 Old Time Music Hall
Spring 1997 Rookery Nook
December 1997 Dick Whittington
Spring 1998 Cabaret
December 1998 Dazzle
Spring 1999 Hobson’s Choice
December 1999 The Christmas Cavalier
Spring 2000 The Greatest Show on Earth (Millenium)
December 2000 Mr Quigley’s Revenge
Spring 2001 Leaving Home
December 2001 The BFG
Spring 2002 It Runs in the Family
December 2002 70th Birthday Celebrations
Spring 2003 Party Piece
December 2003 Salad Days
Spring 2004 Blithe Spirit
December 2004 Toad of Toad Hall
Spring 2005 Visiting Hour
December 2005 Hall’s Well
Spring 2006 Kindly Keep it Covered
December 2006 Cinderella
Spring 2007 The Odd Couple – Female Version
December 2007 Ali Baba
Spring 2008 Murder in Play
December 2008 Sleeping Beauty
Spring 2009 Key for Two
December 2009 Rumplestiltskin
Spring 2010 Allo Allo
December 2010 Alice in Wonderland
Spring 2011 Are You Being Served?
December 2011 A Christmas Carol
Spring 2012 SS Farndale Avenue
Spring 2013 Nell’s Belles


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