View from a WADS Newbie

I can highly recommend joining WADS. I hadn’t been involved in any drama productions since school and university, but enjoyed them a lot when I was younger. I had been thinking it might be nice to do some acting again, and by good luck mentioned it to a neighbour who happened to be in WADS and encouraged me to join. I went to the auditions for Nell’s Belles last year feeling somewhat nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect, but received a very friendly welcome and discovered that WADS auditions are just a read-through of the script and a promise that everyone will get a part!

The rehearsals kindly hosted by the Howell-Jones’s were relaxed, sociable and very enjoyable, with a lot of laughs. There is a democratic atmosphere in WADS and in Neil we had the nicest director you could imagine. There was a great age range from around 10 to over 60, but we would have benefited from having more younger adults! WADS also has brilliant members who provide costumes, props and everything else that is needed in a highly professional way, and thanks to the Barracloughs we had expert musical support and a great time practising the songs.

It was even more fun when we got to the final week and began to rehearse on stage – quite a challenge as many of us had to change costumes quickly between scenes. With all the action going on I sometimes got confused about when I should go on stage or where I had left a prop, but other members of the cast were forgiving and always there to give their help. Luckily, by the time we got to the three performance nights I had just about got it sorted!

There are lots of other ways to be involved if you don’t want to be on stage. So, to quote one of the songs in Nell’s Belles: “Don’t just wait, come and join the party … guaranteed you won’t regret it!”

Kathy Wicksteed


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