BAFTA for Richard Webb

Richard (Richie) Webb, son of long standing WADS member Roger Webb, was recognized this year with a BAFTA award. Richard is a writer, actor and composer with many well known Radio and TV shows to his credit. His shows on Radio 4 have included The Cheese Shop, Week Ending and Parsons and Naylor’s Pull-Out Sections. He has also contributed to many children’s shows including Horrible Histories (yes, he writes those fantastic songs… see video at, My Almost Famous Family, Jackanory, Doodle Do, Bamzooki, Bear Behaving Badly and Ed and Oucho’s Excellent Inventions.

Richard was involved with WADS from the mid  70s to the early 80s as a junior member, appearing in several shows and was kind enough to send us the following message;

“A WADS Old Time Musical Hall in the mid 70’s gave me my first taste of the stage. I was playing the part of ‘small child’ in the legendary Gambolinis Strong Man Sketch. I was perfect for the role – what with being both ‘small’ and ‘a child’- and as well as having to come on and provide the punchline to the sketch by carrying off the dumb-bells that no one could lift, I had one other vital role: I had to stand in the wings and drop a biscuit tin full of knives and forks on the floor to create a suitable crash when my dad – playing one of the Gambloinis – came charging off the stage. I was so obsessed with not missing my cue for this that I would spend the entire show stood in the wings in my strongman suit and false moustache holding the said biscuit tin. Bearing in mind our sketch was halfway through the second half this was quite a feat, as it included the interval. But it also gave me the excuse to watch every song, dance routine and comedy skit from close range. And as each performer exited stage left into the tiny, tiny wings and squeezed past me muttering ‘get out of the bloody way’ I decided that this was what I wanted to do. And luckily for that little boy wearing his pants on top of his tights, he is. Thanks WADS!”


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