Twenty Years as a WAD (Well Almost!); Tim Whorton

Hilary and I moved to Welford in January 1993 and our first experience of WADS was watching Big Bad Mouse, I will never forget Liz Scribbins short skirt!

During the Summer we attended what was then an annual cheese and wine evening at the home of Sue and John Waller. Hilary was keen to join and pick up acting which she had last done at school but had always enjoyed. She got an extremely small part in Listen To The Wind and on stage down day I turned up with my toolbox ,as a dutiful husband, to help. By the next show, Spring 1994, a Farndale Avenue version of Macbeth, things had changed. Hilary had a somewhat larger part with six characters and I was Stage Manager and that’s what I’ve been ever since – 36 shows as Stage Manager with just one off during that time for long service.

So why do I do it? Well, it’s a great antidote to a busy and stressful job. You really don’t think about much else during stage down weekends and you have to put the shows as a priority whilst they are on. But most of all its great fun, mixing with great people who have become great friends and I’d like to think that throughout this period we have set a high standard which we strive to improve upon for staging and effects, oh and of course, acting.

There’s a lot that goes on bringing a show to the village and a whole variety of unsung people who don’t take to the stage and get the applause contribute, simply too many to mention but thanks to all of you who have contributed in any small way.

WADS is friendly and welcoming and there will always be something for anyone to do whether they want to act or not.

Finally it never ceases to amaze me just how much talent exists in a village of 1,000 or so people. I do often wonder when I sit in front of my television and see multi-millionaire actors with less ability than people you can see on the Welford stage twice a year for less than the price of a cinema ticket.


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